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Carly Simon - Spy - 1979

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  1. Spy is singer-songwriter Carly Simon's ninth album, and eighth studio album, released in 1979. It is also her last album for Elektra Records. The title of the album is a tribute to Anaïs Nin, whose quote “I am an international spy in the house of love”, is written across the top on the inside jacket. Simon dedicated the album to producer Arif Mardin, in which she wrote in the liner notes, "Dedicated to Arif who is himself fantastic."
    Although Spy did not yield any major hit singles, "Vengeance" earned Simon a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female in early 1980, the first year to feature this new category. It peaked at #48 on the Billboard Pop singles chart. Simon made a music video for the song, and MTV later used a clip from it in a commercial that tried to entice viewers to get stereo sound on their TV sets. The promotional clip was also chosen by Pioneer Electronics to be part of their first demo disc for its then-new Laserdisc player.
    The album also features a track entitled "Never Been Gone", which has gone on to become a fan favorite, as well as one of Simon's personal favorites. In 2009, she would release an album entitled after the track.