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Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol, Tony James) 2001 Digital Remaster - 1981

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  1. "Dancing with Myself" is a song written by singer Billy Idol and bassist Tony James, first recorded by their band Generation X in 1979. The song was re-recorded and commercially released by the band newly re-branded as Gen X as a 7" single and a 12" in July 1980, but was a sales failure, reaching only #62 in the UK Singles Chart. It was included on the new band's subsequent first album Kiss Me Deadly (1981).
    In late 1981 Idol, now a solo artist after Gen X's break-up, remixed and re-released "Dancing with Myself" as a single in the U.S.A., fading down the guitar part from its dominance in the first release, and bringing forward the bass and his vocal tracks, to produce a milder overall sound. The release became his first hit in America, having become popular on the dance club scene, reaching #27 in the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Two versions were issued—the 3:20 single version (which was later included on Idol's 11 of the Best compilation) and the 4:50 extended version that appeared on Idol's Don't Stop EP.
    Idol plays "Dancing with Myself" at most of his concerts, always introducing the song as having been originally written with Tony James or originally recorded by Generation X.
    The inspiration for the song and its lyrics occurred during Generation X's first international tour in Japan in mid 1979, when Idol and Tony James, whilst visiting a disco club in Tokyo, were struck by the sight of the young Japanese crowd within dancing with their own reflections in walled mirrors, rather than with one another.
    Steve New played the guitar track on the released record
    A music video directed by Tobe Hooper was produced for the 1981 American release, which gained heavy airplay at the beginning of the MTV television broadcasts. The set for the video was co-opted from an L.A.-based production of Ann Jellicoe's punk rock-themed play The Sport Of My Mad Mad Mother, produced by and starring Dan Shor.