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Carole King - Nightingale - 1974

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  1. "Nightingale" is a song written by Carole King and David Palmer. "Nightingale" first appeared on her top-selling album Wrap Around Joy, which was released in mid-July 1974, but was released as a single in December. The song has since been put on many of her compilation albums, including her certified platinum album Her Greatest Hits: Songs of Long Ago.
    The song, like the album Wrap Around Joy, got off to a slow start, but eventually charted high. "Nightingale" peaked at number nine on March 1, 1975, on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent the week before at number one on the Easy Listening chart.


    While Carole King is the lead singer of this song in the 1974 version, her daughters Louise Goffin and Sherry Goffin sang backup. At the time they were children.
    Wrap Around Joy is a 1974 album by American singer-songwriter Carole King. The album hit No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart in late 1974 and spun off successful singles with "Jazzman" (No. 2 pop) and "Nightingale" (No. 9 pop, No. 1 adult contemporary).

    All tracks composed by Carole King, lyrics written by Dave Palmer.

    David Palmer is an American vocalist and songwriter, best known as a former member of Steely Dan and as the lyricist of the Carole King number two hit, "Jazzman".


  2. Like some night bird, homeward wingin'
    He seeks the sheltered nest
    Like the sailor's lost horizon
    He needs some place to rest
    The songs that he's been singin'
    No longer make much sense
    And those strangers' cold perceptions
    They've killed his confidence

    She sails away upon a sea of song
    She serenades his lonely, lonely life along
    When his tired voice is broken
    His golden hope is gone
    She makes a lost soul's simple longing
    Somehow not so wrong

    He was strong, but he was taken
    By the thought of his success
    Those spotlight shadows, how they lured him
    And took him like all the rest
    But that old dream don't look good now
    No, it don't seem quite the same
    He needs to hear a tender word
    Won't you sing him home again

    She sails away upon a sea of song
    She serenades his lonely, lonely life along
    When his strength is slowly goin'
    His pride is all but gone
    She makes a foolish dreamer listen
    To one last song