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Graham de Wilde - Clouds - 1981

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  1. Graham de Wilde, composer, arranger and producer of contemporary atmospheric music for multimedia.

    Born in 1950, Graham de Wilde started his musical career at the global advertising agency J. Walter Thompson (WPP) as a TV & Radio Producer. He started writing jingles for commercials during this period. Such classics as the original Rowntrees “Yorkie” commercial and Dulux Paints were among his early successes.

    Graham formed his own production company in 1975 producing commercials and audio programmes for many blue chip clients. During this period he also composed and arranged music for corporate and business television for leading enterprises: BMW, IBM, Kodak and Volvo.

    Graham de Wilde composed the track “Newsweek”, the title theme from “Whicker’s World”. He had a top-twenty hit in 1981 with “Wikka Rap”, a comedy spoof which was later sampled and covered by Coolio in a new track called “Sumpin’ New” which went to number one in the USA.